How long will it take to build my new home?

This depends on a few factors like style, size and construction technique. A standard 4 bedroom brick veneer slab on ground type home will take us approximately 16 weeks to complete once site works have commenced. As you need to factor in the building approval process, we normally say that it takes approximately 6 months from signing contract to moving in.

Will you provide a fixed quote?

Yes, absolutely. We go to great detail to ensure that there are no hidden surprises anywhere after signing our contract.

What insurances do you carry?

We carry all the statutory insurances required. These include QBCC, long service leave and Housing Industry Association Construction Insurance

What if I find defects in my new home?

At Tapscott Homes we pride ourselves in delivering new homes free of defects. Minor defects brought to our attention within the first 6 months will be promptly attended to.

Do you take care of landscaping?

Yes we can take care of your landscaping if you wish. Although not covered in our standard inclusions, we can certainly work with you to add this into your contract.

How long does a home warranty insurance policy last?

New home warranty insurance covers for a period of 6 years and 6 months commencing the date either the premium is paid, or the contract is entered into, or the work is commenced (whichever date is earlier).

What’s your $ per square meter rate?

Because no two custom home builds are the same, nor the site conditions or the client’s specific requirements for finishings, etc – we simply do not have a flat $ square meter rate. A proper quote requires a credible builder to fully understand the plan, the scope of works, site conditions, and time constraints, etc. Each component is carefully priced accordingly before assembled to produce the final figures. Not before then can a $ per square meter be properly determined.